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      For our next HerniaTalk **LIVE** Q&A session, I will be joined by Guest Panelist, Dr Fernando Spencer Netto. Dr. Spencer Netto is a hernia surgeon at the Shouldice Hospital in Ontario Canada.

      You are invited to participate in this Zoom webinar.

      When: Jun 9, 2020 4:30 PM Pacific, 7:3 PM Eastern, GMT -7.

      Register in advance for this webinar:
      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

      Feel free to submit some questions here in advance. We will be focusing our Q&A to inguinal hernias, the Shouldice philosophy and experience, and Some ventral hernia repairs.

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      Hi, if you can give your opinion for my problem that’d be great

      Two sides hernia- is this the cause for my PFD?

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      My question is for both Dr. Towfigh and Dr. Netto.

      I’m a 43 year-old male in excellent health, very active with exercise and outdoor activities. I’m 190lbs at 6 feet tall about 15% bodyfat. Non smoker, no medical issues, no prior hernia surgeries. I have a bilateral inguinal hernia and have read myself into confusion and am overwhelmed in trying to find the best surgeon and hernia repair that gives me the best chance of long term succes. I’m convinced to go with a pure tissue repair. So Dr. Netto, do you feel the shouldice repair is the optimal choice and why? To Dr. Towfigh, what type of pure tissue repair, if any, do you feel is most optimal and why? If you both say shouldice, Dr. Towfigh do you feel you perform this as effective as the should’ve hospital that markets themselves as being the very best out there due to the volume in which they perform? (Yes I’m putting you both on the spot!)

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      Thanks for all who participated, making this the most interactive session we have had to date. If you missed it, you can watch the Q&A session on my YouTube channel here:

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      @drtowfigh, Thanks for the interesting session. Shouldice Hospital wouldn’t touch me with a 10 ft pole!! So, how do we get some of those stainless steel sutures?? No inflammatory response sounds great!! Thank you for keeping hernia patients educated.

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      The suture has its risks too. Can break, interfere with imaging. There are synthetic sutures that have less inflammation too. In most first world countries, the steel sutures have been abandoned.

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      @mark I hope we were able to answer your questions live.

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