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      Mary M.

      Hi All,
      I have some discomfort on the right side of my pelvis along the iliac crest, down to my groin into the left of my labia. I also have discomfort in the back of my thigh. I rarely have sharp pain although once it was so bad I had to pull over driving. Mostly, it is rather a dull, annoying pain…almost feels like a swelling. I did have a hip labral tear repair, but they say now no hip changes or issues. I also occasionally have a feeling like something it caught. Back MRI is fine and I had a CT about a year ago that was also clean. No one can figure out what could cause this. I recently read of women having hidden hernias. I am wondering if anyone else with a hidden hernia had similar symptoms. I have an annual physical next week and I am thinking of bringing this up to the doctor. Thanks

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      Mary M.

      Also, sometimes, if I get up quick from a sitting position, I will be stopped in my tracks with pain until I stop, and slowly progress. I also have pain if I sneeze when I am sitting.

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      William Bryant

      Dr Towfigh may be best person to answer. Hopefully she will soon.

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      Good intentions

      You might find something on her Youtube channel.


      And here are some of her professional publications. Some of them are the full paper, free to view. “Occult” or “hidden” seem to be the words to use for searching. Many of them are “pay-per-view” unfortunately.



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      Good intentions
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      Based on the little information provided, I would say this is a hip problem. The comment of catching pain when going from sitting to standing is classically hip related. Also pain from iliac crest to groin is more typical of hernia.

      If you’d like more help, please contact my office for an official consultation.

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