How can a doctor carve out flaps of an abdominal muscle and think it will help.

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      How can a doctor that touts itself as a core specialist carve out flaps of an abdominal muscle and think it will help the patient and can’t understand it will completely impair them for life?

      How can you carve out flaps (meaning you have to cut against the direction of the fascia and free the fascia) and then overlap the 2 parts and think it will do anything but harm the patient? When it is the most basic knowledge that these tissues are one continuous piece that stretches from attachment to attachment and you cannot disrupt the structural integrity if you want to maintain strength & load capacity.

      If someone had a bicep tear or injury, would it be acceptable to carve out 2 pieces out of the bicep muscle, suture them on top of each other and be like ”yup, this will strengthen the muscle!” ??? Of course not. the person probably would never be able to flex or use their muscle again.

      How do I go from looking like this:

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      To looking like this after 19 months of rehab/abs:

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      After a fraud of a doctor who self-proclaimed himself as a core & groin expert carved out flaps out of my external oblique rendering them completely dead and unable to be rehabbed for absolutely no reason – this step was not necessary at all to repair my injuries this was done as his own extra step to ”strengthen the repair”.

      Please someone explain to me how this happens in today’s day and age with all the medical advances and access to information. How do I go from having a small overuse injury (no hernia) to needing a full blown abdominal wall repair to reconstitute the structural integrity of the external oblique & by extension the entire abdominal wall.

      1 week before getting my surgery with Dr. Brown my athletic therapist (that works with Olympic Athletes) said that my tissues were like a ferrari – extremely high tissue quality & over a decade of conditioning. I did prehab before the surgery to shorten my recovery time. And now here I am and none of these specialists can do anything with me. My tissues are completely loose, completely impaired. I’ve already been told that I will never recover the strength I had before, will never have a functional core again, probably never have a 6pack again, and will never be able to return to my career or competitive sports.

      Someone please help me make sense of this because its a nightmare. How is this allowed. How is it not basic knowledge to not carve out FLAPS out of a continuous muscle and suture the 2 parts overlapping. I could’ve gotten stabbed in a dark alleyway and I wouldve recovered already. Instead I got legally mutilated in 1h45 and will for the rest of my life be impaired.

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