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  • How much strength can a Lichtenstein mesh actually have?

    Posted by David on April 29, 2023 at 2:25 pm

    This is the thing that worries me about the efficacy of a Lichtenstein. Last summer, I caught covid which progressed to a month of coughing, much of it pretty intense. This past month, for whatever reason, I have again had some bronchial problems that caused quite a bit of coughing. When this coughing happens, of course, there is a lot of push of my intestines against my hernia.

    Even when not coughing, if I stand up for a good while , the hernia (intestines) wants to push out with some static force. And this makes me wonder about the way a Lichtenstein holds the hernia back. On one side the mesh is attached to the inguinal ligament. That, to my layman’s mind sems like it would hold. On the medial side, however, the surgeons seems to make about two or three stitches from the mesh to the rectus sheath area. So, you have this thin mesh held to tissue by biting sutures and this is supposed to hold back a baseball sized hernia being pushed out with the force of a cough?

    Does that seem problematic, or am I underplaying the strength of the those stiches?

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