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      Good intentions

      Easy to translate this story over to hernia repair. It helps explain why so many surgeons avoid dealing with their patients’ problems after surgery. They just don’t comprehend what they’re experiencing.

      Trained and taught…

      Excerpt –
      ““We are trained and taught to focus on outcomes, and sometimes, because we know a particular treatment has the best outcome, we tend to glaze over possible side effects,” said Jill Dietz, MD, the director of Breast Growth and Strategy and chief transformation officer at Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, in Pittsburgh. “But true shared decision making is where you go over the outcomes of a particular intervention and then discuss the most common side effects and the cost, as well as other treatment options to decide together what’s best for that particular patient.” “

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      William Bryant

      Not as erudite as your good self but I’ll have a go….

      I have seen similar comments in relation to prostate surgery, in as much as the operation considered ‘the gold standard’ is not thought of so highly by patients. It achieves it’s purpose but with many patients experiencing side effects way in excess of what they were told would happen. One even said he felt violated and butchered after. Another saying if doctors had the procedure done to them they’d be not so keen to recommend it.

      Again you can see how that mirrors what some have said about hernia repairs.

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      A recent post by a member here mentioned asking a surgeon what mesh they used and the answer “mesh” if I recall correctly. That says volumes and dovetails with my experience with some mesh docs who did not appear fully aware of the mesh used nor the possible complications. The attitude seemed like mesh operation is like slipping a coin in a machine for a drink–wham, you get your drink and on your way.

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