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      Good intentions

      I came across this video from the SAGES 2018 meeting, by Todd Ponsky. He does pediatric hernia repair, primarily. He uses an endoscope, cauterizing, and sutures for his method, which he says he uses on most of his patients, of any age, with very good results. The beginning of his video is worth listening to several times. He seems fully aware of what’s going on in the hernia repair field, he refers to non-mesh repairs as “blasphemy” to the SAGES crowd, and, apparently, has decided not to participate in the wholesale use of mesh.

      I imagine that he makes many many of his colleagues uncomfortable. He is like a calm and humorous Dr. Bendavid. Doesn’t try to offend but the truth must be difficult to hear.

      I tried to find recent publications but could not find much. I don’t think that the results of his study will travel far. There is no mesh and no robotics involved. Just some suturing and an endoscope.

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      Good intentions

      Here are more Todd Ponsky links, below.

      Do not confuse him with Jeffrey Ponsky, who works at the Cleveland Clinic and is a full-fledged mesh promoter. The Cleveland Clinic is where many surgeons get their mesh training.

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      Good intentions

      I just realized that Todd Ponsky is Jeffrey Ponsky’s son. Todd is against mesh but his father is very much a proponent of mesh. How can the apple fall so far from the tree?

      Here are more of Todd Ponsky’s videos from the SAGES channel.

      Father presenting son’s work –

      More about mesh or no-mesh. Points out the inconsistency of the choice process –

      Anyone who can should see Dr. Ponsky first, if they have a hernia.

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      Good intentions

      Here is what looks like his latest video, from 2019. He mentions Dr. Towfigh, as his debate opponent.

      It’s a shame that he is in pediatrics only. His thought process, asking why mesh is used and if it is appropriate, is what all hernia repair surgeons should be using.

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      Good intentions

      Here is a Q&A from HerniaTalk, and a Topic from the past. I have not listened to the Q&A but will now. It’s from one year ago.

      HerniaTalk **LIVE** Q&A with Dr. Todd Ponsky 09/08/2020

      Marcy repair in adults with Inguinal hernia.

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