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      Please don’t throw tomatoes at this question. It seems like this forum is primarily about which Tissue Repair Doctor is best, or about removing mesh. Has anyone here had a laparoscopic repair they were happy with? Would anyone get one (from a hernia/lap expert)?

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      Good intentions

      Here is a Topic I started a few years ago with some “good” stories.

      Successful, good "mesh" stories

      Here is another one that somebody else started on the topic. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, even though many of us on the forum were writing advice posts “in our heads” before hernia repair, to help guide people in their decision making after doing our own research, there just are not many people offering advice on where to go to get a good mesh repair, after they have it done. Even if you find a good story, the details of what, exactly, was done will probably be difficult to find out. There are so many material and methods out there nobody really knows what works and what doesn’t. Sorry. Good luck.

      Multiple hernias repair – success stories please

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