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      Good intentions

      The first few paragraphs of this BBC article give a good broad overview of how things work. It was written in January, I think I might have posted it before. Worth re-reading.


      2020 was supposed to be a huge year for mesh law cases. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed many of them. Put “hernia mesh 2020” in to your favorite search engine and you’ll be shocked at the number that come up. Most of the links will be either about the size of the market (the money to be made) , and the obstacles to making that money (the law cases).
      It’s a whole separate pandemic.

      Pretty fascinating, from a sociological perspective.

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      Thank you Good Intentions.

      What’s fascinating to me is that there are basically no attempts at resistance and hardly any awareness of this economisation of medicince outside the US. Which is ironic considering that’s where the corporations throwing this shit onto the market are located.

      Also for hernias specifically I think the fact that they mostly affect men leads to less resistance since men complaining about this are shut down with “man up” and tend to group together less than women. Look at the success of the campaign against vaginal mesh and compare that to the general ignorance about hernia mesh and the prevalence of the medical industry. Now look at how common hernias are compared to pelvic issues in women that warrant mesh.

      It’s completely absurd but by far not the only thing going wrong in the world.

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