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      Good intentions

      Kudos must be given to the organizers of the 2019 SAGES meeting. Not only did they ask a mesh surgeon to take a look at non-mesh repairs, they allowed a lawyer to present about the flaws in the mesh development process that lead to lawsuits.

      For some reason, Dr. Robert Bendavid’s name is on the presentation. Maybe it’s a tribute or maybe somebody is throwing shade. Or maybe Dr. Bendavid had the slot before he died. The presenter is actually an attorney with Hollis Law Firm – Adam M. Evans, Esq.

      Especially interesting parts are at 8 (the MAUDE database) and 11 minutes (the 510(k) process).

      This is actually a partnership that really should be developed. Surgeons should be on the side of the law firms, not the side of the device makers. Both parties should be putting pressure on the device makers to prove the efficacy of their products.

      And, of course, the FDA needs a complete overhaul.

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      Good intentions:

      Thank you for providing the link to this talk. I have watched some of the videos available on SAGES Youtube channel but I had not watched this one. When this was presented in April 2019 Dr. Bendavid was still alive. He died on September 30, 2019. He was in Hamburg for the 41st EHS congress and scheduled to give a talk on femoral hernias on September 13, 2019 but he became too ill to present it. He returned to Canada but never recovered and passed away in hospital.

      Mesh Desk News and other websites indicated Dr. Bendavid was involved as an expert for upcoming hernia mesh product liability trials in the US. I can only speculate but this may be the reason why his name is on the opening slide for the talk.

      With the increased and increasing awareness of the potential complications associated with surgical mesh why aren’t more surgeons taking the time to learn tissue repair techniques especially for inguinal hernias and adding it to their practice? This way they can comfortably offer a tissue repair to those who are suitable candidates and prefer to avoid mesh.

      Hopefully others will continue Dr. Bendavid’s work and his dedication to tissue repairs. If not, Dr. Felix’s “guesstimate” on HerniaTalk LIve that “in another 10 years there’ll be very very few surgeons that know how to do a tissue repair” may become a reality.


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