Mesh-based inguinal hernia repairs…a cohort study of 110,808 patients

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      Good intentions

      Here is a new paper with an interesting new angle to it. It originates from a huge healthcare corporation, Kaiser Permanente. Apparently they have a “Medical Device Surveillance & Assessment” department. You can see the very narrow focus on reoperation, with no mention, at least in the short summary, of quality of life.

      Three of the five authors are from “Medical Device Surveillance & Assessment, Kaiser Permanente”.

      Published: 06 May 2023
      Mesh-based inguinal hernia repairs in an integrated healthcare system and surgeon and hospital volume: a cohort study of 110,808 patients from over a decade
      J. Spivak, P. H. Chan, H. A. Prentice, E. W. Paxton & E. R. Brill
      Hernia (2023)

      The aim of this study was to describe a cohort of patients who underwent inguinal hernia repair within a United States-based integrated healthcare system (IHS) and evaluate the risk for postoperative events by surgeon and hospital volume within each surgical approach, open, laparoscopic, and robotic.

      High-volume surgeons may reduce reoperation risk following laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. We hope to better identify additional risk factors for inguinal hernia repair complications and improve patient outcomes with future studies.”

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