Mesh differences used in open vs laparoscopic?

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      After doing much research, it seems an open lichtenstein repair is more favorable than laparoscopic. This leads me to believe that the mesh used in open vs laparoscopic is different. Does anyone know if the mesh is a different weight or size?

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      Good intentions

      I created this Topic yesterday SN. It might be worth watching. Dr. Chen is a well-established expert in the field and gives presentations around the world. He relies on the Guidelines created by the HerniaSurge/Collaboration/EHS, which are pretty vague, only using the words mesh and pore size to describe the prosthetic material.

      Unfortunately I think that you will find that the mesh makers all have good things to say about their products but the surgeons do not really know which mesh is best.

      Specific to your question, polypropylene mesh is used for both lap and Lichtenstein. But so are many other types. There is no single material tied to any procedure.

      Youtube video about the Lichtenstein repair by Dr. David Chen

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      Thank you for the link. I was inquiring specifically if there are mesh designed specifically for open and ones specifically designed for laparoscopic. I wasn’t sure if surgeons used the same identical mesh. I assumed that the open technique would allow for a lighter weight and smaller mesh because it’s a posterior repair as opposed to laparoscopic. I was not sure if this was the case.

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