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      William Bryant

      Some really sad testimonies here. Some seriously damaged people. Yet most people never here this just it’s a minor op, little risk etc.

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      Right – patients aren’t given a true picture of the risks. This is the case with many other surgeries and treatments as well, not just hernia surgery. “The cure is worse than the disease” is an all too common reality in medicine, unfortunately.

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      William Bryant

      That’s true but I think as a result of the study, in Scotland it’s supposed to be pointed out that there are many pitfulls.

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      Good intentions

      Thanks for posting that William. If you look further, links below, you can see how it shows that medicine is a business with the purpose of keeping the majority of the workforce working. The injured people are collateral damage. As individuals we all need to be aware of that, I think. Surgeons need to be aware of that also. They are seen as tools to be used to keep the workforce functioning.

      Despite the results of the engagement survey that you posted, completed in 2021, the SHTG still recommended the use of mesh for hernia repair for elective hernia repair. Also interesting, as usual, that all mesh is blobbed together and all surgery methods are blobbed together. A sign, to me, that the people involved in this type of work don’t really understand what they are seeing. They see a surgeon and a piece of mesh, both disappearing in to a clinic, and a patient walking out ready to go back to work.

      Notice the focus on cost. It’s not cost to the patient. It’s cost to the healthcare system. Whose purpose is to keep the workforce working.

      “Recommendation for NHSScotland

      Surgical mesh should be used for elective repair of primary inguinal hernia in adult males in Scotland. Mesh repair of inguinal hernia provides lower rates of hernia recurrence, lower rates of serious adverse events and similar or reduced risk of chronic pain, compared with non-mesh procedures. Mesh repair of inguinal hernias is a cost-effective treatment option.”

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      William Bryant

      Have you read the additional comments towards the back Good Intentions? From sling the mesh I think, saying there’s vested interests in European hernia society etc, it’s like being asked to mark your own exam papers!

      I think there’s about 6000 hernia repairs in Scotland per year on average with about 130 or so removals so I think you’re right about collateral damage but there’s no real effort to follow up and no need to register complaints or problems so the failure rate and pain rates may be higher. And as someone commented their hospital says the operation was a success even thought his own doctors says it wasn’t!!!

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