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      Jordan Fitz


      I think a meshoma from plug is compressing femoral nerve / artery. Here are the operation notes…

      Not sure if any doctos see these threads or if anyone can add anything based on these notes:


      External oblique fascia was exposed and divided. Cord was mobilized at the pubic tubercle and an indirect hernia was found. There was no direct component. The hernia sac was dissected free, ligated at its base; it contained no bowel. It was reduced into the internal canal. The hernia defect itself was relatively small; however, he was too active to justify tissue only repair, so I opted for a medium plug and patch system. The plug was put in place and the inner leaflets were sewn to the borders of the internal ring. The external leaflet was allowed to expand in the preperitoneal space. The only patch was then placed and a new internal ring was created with the obdurated arms of the patch and the patch was then extended medially over the pubic tubercle and laid flat. Cord was returned to the canal. External oblique fascia was closed over the cord….


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      Good intentions

      The plug and patch is the only system that the mesh-supported “study” groups recommended avoiding. The description your surgeon wrote suggests that yours was one of the more complex plug and patch systems.

      I will link this Topic to your other one so that people know more about your issue.

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      Good intentions
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      Good intentions

      Here is one type of plug and patch. Where your surgeon wrote”only” he probably meant “onlay”.

      “The only patch was then placed and a new internal ring was created with the obdurated arms of the patch ”

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      Good intentions
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      This sounds like it is likely the Bard Perfix plug and patch, in size medium.

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