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    Posted by ajm222 on September 23, 2019 at 8:41 pm

    As someone who has off and on considered the possibility that I might need a mesh removal surgery at some point, and someone who will be making a second trip up to see Dr. Belyansky next week to ask this very question again, I thought I would pose a question to the forum for both the doctors and other members.

    While I understand that mesh removal can technically be done, and done safely (as in it won’t kill you) in the right hands, I also think that there are a lot of things that people might not appreciate about what that kind of surgery can do to your body. Which has me wondering what kinds of things I myself should consider when weighing such a decision. I almost wish my problems were severe because the decision would be easy. But I am battling mild to moderate discomfort (after 19 or 20 months) and tightness and discomfort that I just can’t seem to shake. So it makes it difficult to know what to do when I am not disabled but instead just often really uncomfortable. Which is also not a great way to live. And yet I know that mesh removal has the potential to fix some problems while introducing many others.

    I know that any additional surgeries in that area can create more scarring and adhesions. I know that going back in with the robot means more holes and more external scarring as well. I know that neurectomies can cause the stomach muscles to weaken, and lead to some amount of disfigurement. I know that the area of the hernia, even if it has filled in with scar tissue, will likely be weakened after removal, particularly if no further mesh is added and nothing much is done to reinforce the area with ones own tissue. It’s also a longer surgery that takes much more out of you, and recovery time is much greater. Risks of something much more serious that could result in permanent nerve damage, loss of testicle or even death are greater than with the original, routine surgery.

    Anything else worth considering? I know when it comes to removal, it’s all very individual. But I just wanted to see if there were any other risks I maybe hadn’t considered.

    I know there are several hopeful stories here on this forum after removal, but I know there are some horror stories as well. Anyone who has had a bad experience, maybe you’d be willing to share specifically what problems occurred. And if you have a hopeful story, would you say that you are mostly back to normal, or are there still lingering problems?

    Thanks in advance

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