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      Good intentions

      I wrote a longer post about this article but got a message that said it was “pending moderation”. Maybe there are key words that get flagged now. It had three links in it too. Who knows.

      Anyway, this might end up as a double post.

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      Good intentions

      Here is what I had originally tried to post. I pulled out the two links above so it should work this time.

      Here is an article that demonstrates how chaotic the mesh business really is. All of the big manufacturers have promotional material describing the advantages of their products. But, at the end of the day, it’s really simple fish net or mosquito netting material. Might even be made at the same factories.

      Pretty crazy. It’s just a letter to the Editor of the BJS. Links below. The time frame is 15 months.

      Link in post above –

      Fully extraperitoneal laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair using conventional mesh versus tailor-made mosquito mesh: a randomized controlled trial from Cameroon
      B. Essola, J. Himpens, A. Limgba, J. Landenne, D. D. Tamchom, E. Ngaroua, P. Lingier, E. T. Mboudou, J. Souopgui, M. P. Hermans … Show more
      British Journal of Surgery, Volume 108, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages e294–e295,

      “… In this prospective study, the authors found no difference between the groups in short-term complications and medium-term outcomes. The perioperative financial benefit of mosquito mesh is clear, as are the economic value and clinical non-inferiority, with low-cost mosquito mesh 1/1000 the price of commercial meshes …”

      Here’s the about page for BJS.

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      Good intentions

      An older article about mosquito netting. What’s really interesting is that they don’t raise the larger more obvious question of why cheap mosquito netting shouldn’t be used everywhere. There seems to be no reason to pay the extra money for the products of the big medical device makers.

      Inguinal hernia repair: a global perspective
      James O’Brien MBBS, BMedSci, Sankar Sinha MS, MEd, FRACS, FACS, Richard Turner MBBS, BMedSc, PhD, FRACS
      First published: 22 September 2021

      “… Conclusion
      We postulate that the most cost-beneficial method of hernia repair for implementation in LMICs is using open-mesh procedures with sterilised mosquito net under local anaesthetic. Further cost–benefit research is required in this area. “

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      I’ve seen some of the latest mesh that are 50% volume dissolvable and have multidirectional tensile stretch to replicate the way the abdomen moves and I know I’d rather have that put in my body than mosquito netting.

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      Good intentions

      Actually, the point is that the expensive meshes are really no different than cheap mosquito netting. Your statement should really have any “petroleum-based mesh currently on the market” in place of “mosquito netting”. Except that the one you recommended is probably petroleum-based after the absorbable component disappear. It’s the same as mosquito netting.

      Synthetic meshes are well-known for stiffening and shrinking very soon after implantation. The “replication” of abdominal wall movement disappears and the mesh becomes something completely different than when it was implanted. All hernia repair surgeons know this.

      Most of the marketing that you read for any medical device is designed to make the sale. I hate to use the word “lie”, disingenuous is probably the best word for it.

      “50% volume dissolvable and have multidirectional tensile stretch to replicate the way the abdomen moves”

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      Polypropylene is made of Screens, fish nets, top of pop bottles etc. It’s never supposed to be placed in a human body and the FDA has drooped the ball for years, shit decades!

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