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      This morning I am having a left side inguinal hernia repair with Dr.William Brown( no mesh of course). I flew in yesterday from Phoenix, Arizona to get the surgery. I met with Dr. Brown at his office yesterday and discussed the basics of what’s to come. It went as expected. Typical doctors office, waiting room, etc. I’ll give as much detail as anyone wants over the next few days about the surgery, itself, and the recovery. It took a lot of tough decisions to get to this point. Hopefully, I will have as positive an experience as others have had with Dr. Brown.

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      Thank you!

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      JKirby, I think you made a good decision. Best of luck forward.

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      Experience will be positive and end result outstanding no doubts about that ! Good luck!

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      It’s been 6 days now, and my recovery is going slow but steady. The surgery with Dr.Brown went well so far as I can tell, but it will be months before I can evaluate it’s success. I’ll just say that Dr. Brown and the staff of the surgical center were very professional. I have no regrets about choosing to travel to get a no mesh surgery there.
      Some Random notes:
      -after 6 days of healing, I can walk with mild pain, but I wouldn’t want to do anything else yet. Don’t expect to be running around in 3 days. Props to herniatalk member dog, he must heal very quickly.
      -Every time I cough it is extremely painful. I can’t imagine the nightmare it would be to get sick right after this surgery. The days leading up to my surgery, it seemed like everyone I encountered had the sniffles. Even the receptionist at the surgery center! If I were to do it again, I might schedule a summer surgery just to reduce the chances of a post op cold.
      -No less than 4 people interviewed me before my surgery, all asking if I had anything to eat or drink after 10 the night before(a big no no). I’ve read articles saying that this practice, especially where it comes to drinking water, is outdated and unnecessary. Anyway, it is still treated like a deal breaker for the surgery, so expect to get quizzed about it, multiple times.
      -the general area Dr.Brown’s office and Surgery Center is in is pretty nice. I imagine most of the hotels in that area would be safe. I stayed at the Staybridge Suites hotel, and I recommend it. It’s a little pricey though.

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      It’s been a little over 6 weeks now since my surgery. Things are improving steadily. Only a slight discomfort when I sneeze or cough now, and I can do day to day activities without any pain at all. I’m exercising but not doing anything that stresses my core muscles. So far so good.

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      Good evening. It was kinda a miracle that I found your post tonight. I myself are looking for another surgeon to correct a left inguinal mesh surgery I had back in August 2019. As well I am in talks with Dr. Brown who I am making arrangements to visit in the next week or so to discuss a non-mesh hernia repair. The first surgery did not go as planned and has been having complications a pain that has not subsided since the surgery. With the trauma I have had I am looking for someone who is an expert, who will be sensitive to the possible surgery and be the right fit for me. Seeing your post I have some hope that dr. Brown may be a good fit, and I look forward to hearing further updates so I can make that decision.

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      Curious how many days after having surgery did you stay in California
      In case a complication arose, this is what scares me about having one of the top surgeons doing my hernia operation, surgeon I chose if I let him do it is a 12 hour drive, by plane it would be 4 hours, if a complication arises months later it would entail another visit far off
      My skeptical mind always looks at downside possibilities
      Most surgeons in my state do mesh only repairs, I think the ones that do no mesh repairs it would have to be really small and they don’t use any Cervantes technique like shouldice or Desarda I think it would be just a stich over, and I dint know how that would hold up

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      I was also very concerned about what I would do if there was a complication, and my family even more so. My surgery was on a Wednesday morning, and I left on the following Sunday morning. I did ask Dr.Brown about what could go wrong after I left, and he said that in all his years he had only had 1 patient where something came up that required help(fluid build up or something like that). My take away was that my repair was highly unlikely to have any complications. But I was just having an inguinal hernia repair, not mesh removal.

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