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      Hope you continue to improve. Can you tell us why you selected Conze over the other Germans. Given 3x the cost I am sure you had your reasons. Wiese incision is 1.5 inches and vertical. I know you could care less about scars but I am still single and one of the reasons I stupidly chose lap was to avoid scarring. Those conze incisions are knarly and why are they horizontal. Does that incision improve outcomes? At this point scarring means little to me. But I do worry about tissue trauma. Conze seems like a nice guy. But why
      The cost premuim. Does he really have a rep as the best ?

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      No Chuck the incisions are not gnarly, that’s what surgical incisions look like 5 days after you were opened up like canned goods.

      The outer ends are raised because they put drains in to help prevent a seroma. This will flatten and vanish.

      The incisions are raised because the suturing has been done so expertly its underneath the skin with disolvabale sutures as I wouldn’t be able to wait in Germany for 2 weeks for Dr. Conze to personally remove the stiches himself which he does with his domestic patients.

      The bruising is from all the local anethetic that was injected, looks worse than it feels, the incisions look considerably better now at 14 days.

      The incisions are only 5cm long, I don’t care if they are vertical or horizontal. Horizontal will blend better into the natural creases of the skin in that area, the scars will fade to nothing within a year and barely be visable.

      Email Dr. Conze and ask him why he does the incisions that way if you really care, maybe it was based on the findings of the examination and ultrasound.

      I based my decision to go with Dr. Conze from information on this forum and from reading his Google reviews and on Jameda and then having spoken to him a few times on the phone before flying to Germany for the examination/consultation.

      You need to stop with all the hysteria, You are just frightening people reading this forum who are consdiering having this surgery done with all your sweeping generalisations and inaccurate information.

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      Oceanic—all due respect but people NEED to be frightened…they need to take this surgery EXTREMELY seriously —it has the very real potential to END your useful life. Most hernia doctors are unethical and will mislead patients regarding the risks…this great forum is their only protection. Telling people this surgery is routine and outpatient will disarm them…they need to be very afraid and do their proper due diligence like you did. Please tell me what it is that i have said that is inaccurate….I endeavor to be as accurate as possible

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      And again…why Conze over the others….I think you said he wasnt three times the surgeon but charged 3 x the cost….so i suspect there was something you found compelling….Wiese has many good reviews as well…

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      William Bryant

      I suppose at sometime a choice has to be made. Not that I’m good at making mine. And Conze is highly rated, does fewer per day surgeries (not conveyor belt) and has good reviews. And not hours and hours away from UK.

      It’s a bit like saying why Mercedes over bmw or renault over Citroen, Peugeot, ford over Vauxhall etc.

      I am still thinking of Dr Kang or one of the Germans. Despite Dr. Kang being miles away from me, his reviews, reputation are what are influencing me Chuck.

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      Thanks Bryant…i trust you and follow you because you have skin in the game…this has given me the full blown mental illness you described earlier. But the fix is not telling people this is routine and outpatient…..you gotta go down the rabbit hole…or you can be maimed for life. I love Kang—if i was rich enough i would say he doc—let me book you for the day—no other surgeries….as nice as he seems to be I think its human nature to lose the bubble when confronted with 12 surgeries—-one slip up and its our lives…i dont think the doctors appreciate that. It become just a job after awhile

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