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      Title says it all. I’ve had a mesh in me before (albeit it wasn’t your typical porous mesh so no tissue grew into it and it was placed high enough to be able to be taken out safely so it just slid back out when I took it out) but my tightness/weakness/discomfort was nowhere near as bad as since Dr. Brown butchered me.

      I understand this is just one doctor and he’s the only person who does this monstrosity of a procedure. But it goes to show you that as much as people rail on mesh & perhaps even on robotic surgery, I can promise you there is no universe in which I would be permanently impaired the way I am now if I had gotten a robotic repair or a mesh repair.

      For reference, note where the superficial ring is & the deep inguinal ring is on this picture

      Then read Dr. Brown’s repair steps – as listed on his own website. I underlined the crucial parts that sealed my faith & special attention to the red part

      For absolutely no good reason, this man slices up a person’s entire groin up to ”free the spermatic cord”. Even if there is no damage to those tissues. Instead of just repairing the injured area, he slices up the entire groin. Since all these tissues are continuous & connected to one another, and carry tension/strength all the way down to your pubic joint – once you break them free, the strength & tension is completely lost. Meaning all the tissues completely release.

      The black arrows show the direction of the tissues/strength. This flow of energy starts all the way at the top of the core, it extends to the lats, to the back. One continuous flow. And suddenly you have a butcher of a doctor who releases every layer (green Xs on the image), to free the spermatic cord – to ”strengthen the repair”.

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      You can see from those simple images, this completely breaks the structural integrity of every layer and its why my entire groin & core released during that operation and hasn’t been able to hold any strength since. I have absolutely ZERO strength/tension in my groin. The area is completely limp/unresponsive. 18 Months of rehab has not changed it even 1%.

      Some of these layers of fascia he had to cut through/release become the testicular fascia. Since the surgery both my testicles have been completely loose & look like theyre about to fall off. These tissues are also involved in flexing your abs/core in general, so no wonder I have been unable to get any sort of core activation in the past 18 months. Everything turned to jello.

      Bowel problems. Erectile Problems. Ejaculatory problems. Hip & knee problems since there is ZERO strength or tension left in my groin to stabilize my hips when I walk – compounding into unstable knee that grinds down my knee cartilage every time I take a step.

      All of this was done to me because I was diagnosed with a 1 inch overuse tear in my external oblique fascia. In what universe is all this senseless cutting the appropriate response of treatment to an overuse tissue tear/degradation?

      This is mutilation. There was no way for me to prepare for this – I’m a patient It is not my job to learn about medical procedures. You pay doctors with the underlying understanding that they will not harm you. I made sure that Dr. Brown understood that I needed to have a fully functional core to do my job. I made him promise that he would not cut into unnecessary amounts of tissue to preserve structural integrity. You believe that they will try to preserve tissue integrity. That they will not cut into unnecessary/healthy tissues.

      I am so utterly fucked for the rest of my life.

      The point I’m making is, yes people see issues with mesh. But I promise you I would rather deal with having to remove a mesh that hurts, than looking at myself every day and knowing that I’ll never be able to have a functional core, to workout properly, to play sports, to have a normal sex life and that with every step I take, my knee grinds. The way I got completely butchered, theres nowhere else left for me to go. Theres nothing to do. Its permanent and this is how I will live the rest of my life, with these deficiencies.

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