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      Hello everyone, I am new in this forum.
      I had a TEP laparoscopy bilateral hernia repair 6 weeks (obviously with mesh). Left side was inguinal + sports hernia repair and right side was only inguinal. Now right side is fine, however for left side, for about 1 month ago, I started having a permanent weird sensation in my left groin which is like dull ache/discomfort. It is mainly localized at the left of the penis base and radiate from times to times to testicles and/or inner thigh (hypersensibility).
      When I rest, i manage to ignore the discomfort but when I do sport activities (running) it can be quite painful the day after..
      It seems it slightly improves in one month but it is still very annoying for me who uses to be very active.. I had similar symptom before surgery but less intense.
      Has anyone in this group experimented this kind of issue ? Any advice ?
      Thanks in advance

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      Good intentions

      Six weeks is not very long. One month ago would be two weeks after the surgery, correct? That is right at the edge of the usual time for being released for activity after surgery.

      Do you know what the “sports hernia repair” method was? Mesh is not typically recommended for athletic pubalgia (aka sports hernia). Was it a sports hernia repair or did the surgeon just call the problem a sport-based hernia? Good luck.

      There are many possible causes, but no simple solutions. Since it’s so early your best bet might be to avoid running for a while until the pain resolves then try to slowly work your way back in to it.

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      Thank you so much for your answer.

      Yes I have been operated 6 weeks ago.

      It was for a sports hernia (pubalgia) AND an inguinal hernia induced by the inguinal hernia. But it is the same repaor procedure for both of them. My surgeon studied pro and cons of hernia mesh repair and we finally go for mesh because the hernia was quite important (it was quite big and gave me nausea) and my abdominal walls are quite weak..

      Yes I probably overdid : already about 25 min at 13 km/h! I will calm down the next days.. However I think that having permanent discomfort/pain following surgery is not normal.. I feel there may be something wrong which make me quite anxious.. let’s see

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      Hello everyone

      As a bit of context, I am a Belgian runner that used to have a good level (8th at National championship last year on 10000 m and 2nd at last year Venice Half Marathon) until this shitty sports hernia injury happens to me (left groin side) and induces bilateral inguinal hernias.Last friday marked the end of the 3 months period since my inguinal/sports hernia surgery.

      Unfortunately, for the sports hernia left groin side, this period has been characterized by lingering discomfort (mainly) and pain (more rarely). It seems to be up and downs : some days/weeks, it is quite manageable (I can nearly ignore the discomfort); however, some weeks/periods it can be very annoying and painful. Right side (only inguinal hernia) is 100 % fine

      I still managed to take back running (30-40 km/week). Easy footing does not seem to worsen the discomfort. However, on last Tuesday I did a tracks workout (at reasonable pace) and since Wednesday, the pain is quite important (for example I was not able to sleep this night because of the pain and I had to take painkillers).

      All of this strongly impacts my mental health and makes me quite depressed.

      I will have a groin MRI on this Friday. However, I think the discomfort/pain is nerve-related : it seems to follow the area innervated by the genitofemoral nerve : groin at the area near the base of the penis – inner thigh – scrotum.

      My theories are that it could be :
      – GFN entrapment in scar tissues
      – Phantom pain due to the fact that the nerve has been compressed a certain amount of time due to hernia
      – The mechanical cause from which originated both sports and inguinal hernia not healed or not correctly repaired

      I’m going to see my surgeon next week. I’m also going to see soon a specialist who does prolotherapy infiltration in the groin nerves.

      Any advices/recommandations?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Good intentions

      Hello CursedGroin. Do you know what type of repairs were done on the hernias, and the “sports hernia” (athletic pubalgia)? Mesh, non-mesh, method?

      And where did you have the repairs done? You are close to Dr. Muschaweck, who is known for working on professional athletes.

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      After hernia surgery, particularly in the early stages of recovery, it’s not unusual to feel some discomfort or strange feelings. To rule out any complications or problems with the mesh repair, persistent pain or discomfort that lasts past a certain point needs to be discussed with your surgeon or medical professional. In order to help you rebuild strength and ease discomfort, physical therapy might be helpful if your surgeon deems that it is safe to do so. It might take time for the body to heal following surgery, and discomfort is usual while recovering. Be kind to yourself and adhere to the advice of your medical professional. I sincerely hope your pain lessens soon so you can resume your busy way of life.

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