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      As the title states – patients are not safe at all in the current state of things in the hernia/groin medical world when it comes to surgical procedures.

      Think about it. A patient can take every precaution possible, take months to prepare themselves physically, research everything they can even though they’re not supposed to be doctors and they should be able to trust that doctors won’t harm them – and still. It only takes 1 operation to mess you up for the rest of your life permanently.

      I’m that patient. Pro athlete. Did prehab before my surgery with an olympic athletic therapist to shorten recovery time. Rock solid tissues with great tension. Did my research as much as I could. Went to the doctor that didn’t take money from mesh companies & that advertises himself as a doctor that works with athletes. Asked MANY crystal clear questions mainly 1. Will it impair in any shape or form my core function or aesthetic. 2. Will it affect my genitalia. 3. Will I be able to go back to 100% athletic capability as needed for my job.

      And still here I am 2 years since my surgery. Basically disabled. Testicles completely messed up. Every single core tissue completely loose without any tension. Inguinal ligament completely loose unable to hold any tension or strength. Severe sexual dysfunction. Already been told by a couple doctors that I’ll never recover from it and won’t ever return to sports at the level I was at. They’re worried about actual hernias now because all the tissues are completely loose and unable to hold any tension which makes me prone to hernias now. You can’t train/rehab a tissue that has been completely released to this extent its like beating a dead horse.

      So what exactly are my options now? A lawsuit? That won’t change the fact that I lost my entire life’s work and that for the rest of my life I’ll not only be sexually impaired but physically impaired. All that for what? For an overuse injury nonetheless. Not even a hernia. Not even a traumatic wound. Nothing that warranted the extent of the cutting that was done which by design is just flawed.

      My point is – patients are not safe at all. What else could I have possibly done aside from becoming a doctor and operating on myself? How am I supposed to ever trust a doctor again? Why is there no mechanism in place to ensure patient safety & protocols to be followed when it comes to what can be cut into and what cannot.

      I’m not the only one that ended up like this. If you browse this website or the internet in general you can find many patients that end up like me for absolutely no reason.

      Dr. Chen from UCLA who has a youtube clip of him bragging in front of his colleagues about how he cuts patients nerves out like its candy – even though its well documented that every single one of these nerves has motor functions and affects your groin/genitals/pelvic area in general.

      How can this be a thing in 2022? How can it be normal that patients have to pray to god that they find a doctor with integrity that understands they are a human being & that isn’t randomly cutting them up and actually helping them without causing new and permanent damage.

      I understand some patients are complicated cases. They’re morbidly obese – there’s a lot of fat in the operative field and what not. They’re not very active. They’re lifelong smokers. I get it.

      I wasn’t any of those things. I was told that I was the optimal surgery patient. Lifelong athlete, my tissues were unbelievably conditioned. And just like that, in less than 2 hours, someone released all the tissues, all the tension, cut through healthy tissues that I specifically asked not to do because I spent my entire adult life with physical therapists and I understand how muscles & tissues work.

      You know – before this happened to me – all I heard left and right from every physical therapist was to stay away from doctors because all they do is cut everything without any logic & can really mess you up. And I thought to myself man I’m sure thats just a handful of doctors, I’m sure most of them have to abide by some kind of protocols & rules that make sure the patient stays in one piece and doesn’t become dysfunctional or impaired from their operation.

      Well I learned the hard way that I was wrong. 95% of doctors have no idea what they’re cutting into. They don’t understand the engineering of the human body, what tissues depend on each other, what you can do and can’t do. I was cut into like a pair of jeans (static, inert tissues) when the entire body is made of codependent organic tissues under tension (like elastics). and if you release them everything starts breaking down.

      I genuinely don’t know how this is a thing. Why its a thing. Why its acceptable that patients leave a doctor’s office 100 times worse than when they walked in, with permanent issues they didn’t have before and that they will never recover from. But in the current state of things – there is absolutely nothing protecting patients or ensuring their safety and thats extremely sad and scary. The only thing a patient has is a lawsuit after and even if they do sue and win – the damage is already done.

      I know me typing this doesn’t matter, nothing will change, it won’t make me go back in time and avoid this life-changing mutilation that was done to me. But man I think about this every single day. There is absolutely nothing in place to make patients feel safe and they shouldn’t feel safe. Walking into a doctor’s office and asking for help after suffering for a while should not be a lottery where you have to be the lucky one that doesn’t get messed up.

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