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      Good intentions

      Pinto, sorry for pulling up many of your old posts like this, but your situation is important, and still unclear. If I read your old posts correctly it looks like you started noticing significant problems at about one and a half years after your first repair by Dr. Kang. Apparently you noticed oddness in your lower abdomen and groin area but it was painless. Your initial pain after the repair was “intense” in your words. But, apparently, that initial intense pain resolved and you were fine for almost one and half years. Pain-free.

      I went through the ordeal of going back over old HerniaTalk posts from way back and found a few that seem to describe your experience.

      (The forum software is very poor and Search results cannot be sorted or ordered by date. Hopefully Dr. Towfigh’s upgrade is coming soon.)

      It looks like Pinto’s first hernia repair lasted about a year and a half before he noticed problems. Buy no pain is reported after the initial intense pain soon after surgery.


      A Question Never Asked the Surgeon but Should Be

      06/07/2021 at 7:14 pm#29315REPLY


      , for clarification I should add that my issue arose way beyond 90da., one approaching a year and a half post.

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      Mysterious Post-Surgery Swelling

      05/04/2021 at 9:39 am#29026REPLY

      My surgeon tells me that it is not abnormal to have a swelling a year out from surgery (pure tissue, non-mesh, for indirect IH)


      Pinto / Dr Kang

      Post #30183

      “After one night in the hospital I returned to my hotel but experienced the most intense pain ever in my life–whenever the taxi cab rear tire hit a bump. ”


      Dr. Kang repaired the hernia soon after. I did not find the post where he talked about that.

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      Good intentions

      I think that his story has been unclear because Pinto joined the forum when he was trying to get through to Gibbeum Hospital to talk to Dr. Kang.


      Newly diagnosed … And loads of questions. I’m terrified

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