Pope has incisional hernia repair

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      Good intentions

      An interesting new hernia story. The pope had surgery to repair an incisional hernia that had resulted from previous surgery. The details would be interesting.


      Surgery was deemed necessary “due to an incisional laparocele (hernia) that is causing recurrent, painful and worsening sub-occlusive syndromes,” the Vatican’s news office said.

      An incisional laparocele is a type of hernia, a fairly common complication affecting scar tissue after abdominal surgery. The term subocclusive syndrome refers to intestinal blockage.

      Francis is undergoing the procedure nearly two years after he had abdominal surgery to remove half of his colon. …”

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      William Bryant

      Well well I saw the pope was having surgery and did wonder if it was hernia!!!?

      Just to show it can affect anyone, King Charles III has a hernia repair. Always wondered who did his surgery? Does the sovereign still have a personal surgeon?

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