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      David M

      Virtually all of the illustrations of hernias that I have seen show the hernia as being caused by small intestine protrusions. On the other hand, I think every hernia demo that I have watched has seemed to be preperitoneal fat.

      This is odd, and does it make a difference – especially for watchful waiting?

      This leads to some questions:

      If the main problem is preperitoneal fat, then how much difference will losing weight have on the tendency of the hernia to bulge?

      Under such a circumstance, could a person watchful weight indefinitely by keeping their weight firmly under control?

      How much greater is the health risk from an intestinal bulge than a preperitoneal fat bulge?

      Is an intestinal hernia liable to cause adhesions in the intestines that can affect the health of the intestines?

      Finally, if the hernia sac is mostly intestines, does the timing and type of food eaten matter for the hernia size and firmness throughout the day?

      My hernia is probably direct and most of the time not symptomatic. My guess is that indirect hernias have more likelihood of being symptomatic because they travel down in more of an aggravating way against the spermatic cord. However, this may be wrong.

      With a non-symptomatic hernia, knowing the answers to the above questions might help enable an almost non worrisome extended period of watchful waiting.

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      William Bryant

      Brilliant questions David. Wish I knew the answers!

      Person who did the hernia Bible site did say losing weight helped relieve his symptoms and also after defecating his hernia virtually disappeared, I’ve noticed mine does. You may be onto something.

      Others have said avoiding food that causes gas helps too.

      With all the risks of hernia surgery itself plus the risks of anaesthetic I think Watchful waiting is certainly a good option.

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      David M


      Got to thinkng about the impact of intestines on the hernia. I wonder if bowel movements might feel different to a left sided hernia than a right sided. I assume that most of the “number 2” accumulates on the left side before being passed. My hernia is right side and I dont usually notice excretion making that much difference. There are times, however, when it is much more resistant to being reduced. I will start checking the reduction before and after to see if there is a difference.

      I think it’s small intestines that protrude, though ive also read that the bladder can affect this. On the left side especially, though, I imagine a full large intestine could be pressure.

      We need to find a video of the intestines through the day cycle. Unfortunately, I doubt there is one.

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      William Bryant

      Mine is right sided David and a bowel movement sees it almost flat after.

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      William Bryant
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