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  • Preserving tissue/muscle function is more important than eliminating pain

    Posted by PeterC on September 21, 2021 at 6:31 am

    This is a message for anyone on here with any groin pain/issue and considering surgery. If your doctor’s only focus is to eliminate pain at all cost – I would seriously reconsider having them as your doctor.

    Pain is the body’s signal to let you know something is out of place or injured. Its the signal. Just like a car’s check-engine light. When you go to the garage with your check-engine light on – their ”treatment” isn’t to unplug/remove the light then give you back the car. And their approach isn’t to randomly cut into a bunch of wires (nerves) or parts of the car until the check-engine light turns off and call it a day.

    Most of these doctors would not accept getting their car back from the garage with the same or new issues that weren’t on the car before they brought it in under the premise ”but look the check-engine light is gone”. Yet when it comes to human patients they deem it acceptable to liberally cut nerves or mangle healthy tissues under the premise that they’re treating pain.

    Its been 18 months since I went to see Dr. Brown with an overuse injury that was bugging me (pain – not dysfunction) and that refused to heal on its own. The man liberally butchered my tissues so bad that I haven’t been able to rehab or activate my core in 18 months. I went from being a professional dancer with a 6-pack to moving back in with my parents, losing my job & not being able to go for a jog or a walk or have a job or play with my nephew for more than 20 minutes.

    Doctors I speak to now are so baffled by what he did and how careless it was I was told to consider legal procedures. I need severe reconstruction to repair the damage Dr. Brown did but a lot of them are afraid because he damaged my tissues so badly that its already affected my testicle integrity and they’re unsure if I can handle another surgery. I have about 5-10% tissue function left in my groin and my core is at about 20% tissue function. Even though I specifically asked – will this procedure affect my physique or core function as it is crucial to me as a professional dancer and I was promised, assured, and reassured that it wouldn’t. I begged – please do not cut into any extra tissue that isn’t injured keep it as minimal as possible – to wake up to my tissues COMPLETELY butchered beyond any injury I had, flaps carved out, structural integrity broken & reconfiguration of my core.

    In Dr. Brown’s mind – he didn’t think about me being able to activate my core, or the ripple effect of my core collapsing and my tissues being limp and how it affects my entire body. His only focus was to eliminate pain at all costs and pretending like he understands something about core function, muscles, athletes & biomechanics. In other words he did not use his judgement or critical thinking – he did the one procedure he knows how to do regardless of my situation and needs.

    I regularly come on here to express because what else am I supposed to do I went from being a world-class athlete with an overuse injury to being confined to a room back home & losing my entire life’s work because of a grossly incompetent fraud of a doctor who ruined my life. But I sincerely hope someone reads these and that it saves you from the nightmare situation that I’m in. Do not trust anything any of these doctors say or promise. Record everything. Have them put it in writing and sign it before you agree to surgery. Ask for 3 separate opinions at the very least. Do not cheap out. You have one body, and once the damage is done (like me) its irreversible. Its done.

    Your muscle & tissue function is more important than elimination of pain. Always remember that.

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