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      Dr Towfigh , I have four hernias one is epigastric hernia 3mm x4mm, umbilical hernia 1cm, inguinal hernia 6mm and now they found a famoral hernia 8mm . This is very distressing to me. I am very slim, non drinker , non smoker , whole life vegetarian 39 years old women .I am not sure why I am getting all this hernias . You have mention few times that there could be Collagen Disease with hernia? What do you mean by this ? How would I need to look for problem with my collagen ?? I am based in Australia so I can’t book an appointment with yourself . Could you please help with any information . Also please advise which tissue repair would be best for the famoral hernia .
      Really would appreciate any help at all. Monika

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      I had three hernias about 18 years ago, two inguinal and a third one two inches below and to the right of my navel. There were no bumps so they were small. They were confirmed by ultrasound and cough tests. I turned down mesh surgery suggested by surgeon and the pain went away completely within four months just by changing my sleeping position. I had been putting strain on my lower abdomen during my sleep which I solved by sleeping in a fetal position.

      Now I have a right inguinal hernia with a bump that looks like a golf ball sticking out. I can keep in for the most part by wearing a belt with a pad I made myself and I think this way I can postpone surgery hopefully for a long time.

      I also have had sore lower abdominals on and off when I put strain on them for many years. I got my current hernia five months ago. Dr Kang would be my choice for surgery. The person who did the ultrasound said I have weak abdominal muscles and until this is solved I am afraid I can get more hernias.

      I am going to buy a light therapy belt at amazon for under $100 with near infrared waves of 850 nm which can penetrate about two or more inches. They claim light therapy makes the mitochondria produce more energy and it also stimulates collagen production. They also claim it aids in muscle recovery and relieves pain. I will try this and see what happens before I contemplate surgery.

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      William Bryant

      Can you keep us updated Roger please.

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      William, I got a red light therapy small panel that covers the abdominals.I also use it on my chest, neck and face.After about eight sessions of 8-10 minutes I still got pretty bad sore lower abdominals for a few days. It happens on and off. The manual of the device says to expect results for skin which would come from more collagen production after 8-12 weeks. Collagen gives you elasticity which makes tissues stretch and come back.

      I found this youtube video where this 66 year old man got his hernia to disappear by eating foods high in collagen plus kefir and black pepper. He claims in the comments that collagen makes the biggest difference. I will be looking into buying some foods that contain gelatin or collagen or buy a collagen supplement like he also said. There are other videos on healing hernias that I haven’t watched yet. Just search heal hernia no surgery on youtube.

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      1. The collagen deficit related to the predisposition to hernias is genetic.
      2. To date we don’t have strong evidence that supplementation with any form of collagen would prevent hernias. It definitely can’t cure a hernia once it forms.
      3. Red light therapy is good to muscle strains as it can reduce inflammation and promote healing. It will do nothing for hernias.
      4. No amount of pepper or other dietary change will cure a hernia. If you treat your constipation you may notice less protrusion of your hernia.

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