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      Good intentions

      SAGES is finally uploading the videos from Las Vegas 2021. No idea why they waited so long. This one is worth watching for several reasons. Dr. Vedra Augenstein of Atrium Health. Where Dr. Henniford works. She discusses the value of robotics in reducing physical fatigue, a real factor in long surgeries, like mesh removal. She presents data that supports the point that she’s trying to make then presents data that seems to conflict the data that she just showed (recurrence rates for “MIS”). Several demonstrations of removing plugs via robotic surgery (plugs are bad), followed by placement of a large piece of mesh. Kind of strange that she didn’t show the removal of a large piece of mesh, only plugs. Her “Disclosures” (no detail) include Bard and Medtronic.

      Overall I was struck by how blase she seemed about it all. Just a nice how-to on the value of a new tool. Also striking how mesh removal is so normal now. Also how she seemed comfortable talking about patients returning with problems after hernia repair. Like that is normal also.

      The quote at the end seems very ironic, since most of her videos were about removing mesh then implanting more.

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