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      Good morning . I had Previously posted here prior to my surgery issues I was having with the mesh, please refer to the original posting for some background information Please type in stinging-pain-with-popping-and-clicking in the search box for information.

      I am now five weeks postoperative for the shouldice pair that I had at done Kaiser Permanente and I like to say I’m feeling 50 or 80% better but the truth is I’m not at this point.

      Some issues I’m feeling post operative and maybe some questions I am hoping experts will help answer.

      1. What are the main complaints I had when I had a mesh in my body was all these pops and clicks and noise is it resonated from my hernia site. I was hopeful that when I had the shouldice procedure this would fix all the problems I was having, but it hasn’t. Even more so than when I had a mesh in my body I’m having so many of these resonating sounds that come from my hernia site. They range from everything from pops and clicks to reverberations and it’s very disconcerting. There are consistent tugs in and around my surgery area that’s pulling from my upper abdominal area to almost the base of my mail part or the entire area under my skin south of the surgery sight to the base of my thigh and genitals. Can anybody tell me here or a specialist that this is a normal feeling and that it will go away eventually? I hear from others that have had this procedure done that this is a normal thing and to be patient and wait it out for the body to heal. It’s hard to be patient and hopeful when I have been through so much pain and trauma from the mesh only to think I am worse off. I worry that I have triggrered an auto immune disease form the mesh intially hat I will never heal from or possbly I have a Polypropylene allergy, as the mesh and current sutures are made of.
      1.1 Does the repair eventually tighten up and feel more secure. When I walk I get a feeling of movement, almost like the wind breezing by a hammock tired to trees. There is tightness all around my groin area and I am always reminded I have layers of skin flaps under my skin.Plus with all these pops and clicks I feel less and less secure about the surgery.
      2. I feel that the surgery has inflamed my nerves. I consistency Breathe in or cough and I feel nerves move and tingle in my surgery site and underneath the base of my male part. Does anybody have an explanation for this? The place I’m feeling these twinges and nerve spouts are nowhere near the surgery area. Does the procedure just tighten a circumference of many inches around the surgery sight that this is what comes of it of inflamed nerves. I have been told stretching is best thing to do.
      3.Does anybody here have any success stories that they can share we’ve had this done?

      Like I said I have spoken to a few individuals here or other forums who have attested to this and that it is a normal feeling and it takes much longer time to heal that with the mesh. Big shout out to Dan for his guidance and friendship during this time. I am hoping to hear from others or doctors on their take on what I am feeinl or experiences from a tissue repair.

      Thank you

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      Good intentions

      People can just click on your name and all of your old posts will show up under Activity. The dashes in the search list you provided screw up the search if you just paste them in to the Search box.

      If the original mesh was attached to the pubic bone you might have some joint-type pops and clicks since the pubic symphysis is essentially a joint in the pelvis.

      Can you provide more detail on what was done, with the mesh, and the removal, and the second repair. I know it’s difficult to collect it all and to write it all down in the forum but you really have not described much about your procedures. You had a piece of “composite” mesh implanted about one year ago, and have since had it removed, and, apparently, a “Shouldice” type procedure performed to close the hernia after the mesh was removed.

      Was all of the mesh removed? Did they find a hernia? Was it direct or indirect? What activities cause the popping and clicking now? It’s not clear if you are back in the gym working out, or walking, or running.

      Five weeks is not very long, especially after mesh removal. The mesh caused scarring and stiffening and new tissue growth and the removal had to cut and peel through that new tissue to get the mesh out. So, even though the mesh is gone the damaged area where it was is still there.

      Good luck. Take it easy and work your activity level back up slowly.

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      Good intentions-

      I had a direct hernia, left iluignal. 90% of the mesh was removed, they had to leave 10% behind which had adhered itself too deeply to my spermatic cord. Pelvic and groin pops and click gets worse and worse everyday. And my geniotfemerol is way inflamed and send pulsating irritation and sometimes pain through my groin and my male part. It’s horrible, and I just want this to work and feel better. Recently I attended a talk put on by Dr Towfigh on We will discuss hip labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement, arthritis, dysplasia, iliopsoas impingement syndrome and wonder if I have this. I have had these pops and clicks since the mesh was placed in my body so wonder if th mesh coud have originally irritated any of those ligiments and I stil have it which is placing more pressure on my nerves. This is all preventing me from feeling any benefit from the shoudlice.

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        And no I had no mesh that was adhered to my pelvic bones.

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      Good intentions

      I posted this once already but it has disappeared. I hope it’s not a spam filter. The site is doing some weird things. Maybe I just didn’t click the right buttons.

      The Vincera Institute mentions a snapping hip joint as a potential source of the pain or discomofort. Maybe you picked up an injury unrelated to your hernia repair. Worth considering. They do free consultations.

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      Good intentions,

      Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate the resources that you listed. I will read the website and reach out to the Medical group for free orientation if I feel this is right got me. I’m definitely at my wits end and tired of seeing some of the doctors here don’t know what I’m going through even help me. My shoulice surgeon doesn’t even know how to help me at this point and is taking a week to talk to other colleagues how best to test me and help me.

      All I know is I’m having similar or same difficulties for when I had a mesh compared to my post surgery Shouldice operation. My nerves are inflamed and my entire groin area, hip and knee crack constant. I’ve been complaining about this for over a year with my medical group abs countless doctors I’m just sick abs tired. Why so hard to get diagnosed correctly. I should not be feeling this way, I should be feeling better reaping the rewards of this very delicate but advance procedure. And it’s just it’s so hard to see others who say they feel 50% to 100% better within weeks and I’m feeling worse after Shouldice repair.

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      Thunder Rose

      I was reading the preview chapters of “The SAGES Manual of Groin Pain” (Towfigh is one of the editors) and I saw “snapping iliopsoas tendon” listed as one of the causes of groin pain in the chapter “Groin Pain: An Overview of the Broad Differential Diagnosis”. Did you end up getting a diagnosis?

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      Thunder rose,

      Still living in pain and discomfort. I get worse by the day I feel. I’m at my wits end. This shouldice procedure was supposed to be a miracle with small percentages of people who don’t respond. And I end up worse than I was with the mesh. I regret ever having the Initial surgery. No I feel I have more pain daily than with the mesh. Tired. I had a CAT scan with no findings. They sent me to a pelvic floor PT and I feel no relief only more pain. I had X-ray and saw an Orthopedic with no Impingement findings. I suffer more and hate life more than ever. And no doctor I’ve seen or specialist seem to help or know what they are talking about. And I will
      Not go through another surgery. I give up

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      SFIrishGuy, how are you doing now? Please keep us updated on your progress and situation.

      Just out of curiosity, have you tried nerve block injections, or daily NSAID to reduce regional inflammation? Does anything in particular help the pain, or worsen it? There is also some research to suggest that daily Vitamin C can slowly over time reduce nerve pain.

      If you don’t mind sharing, which surgeon / location was able to perform a Shouldice repair?

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      Hello everyone,

      I just wanted to get some updates. So I am 6+ months post operation and still dealing with pain recovery every day. I have a seeing a physical therapist for pelvic floor the last three months to very little avail. That has been some minor improvements, I really have to work on manual therapy and if I physical therapist is your son relief. I think what it comes down to is that your brain and your body are getting used to the new anatomy that will take some time. That’s what my physical therapist and my surgeon keep telling me and I believe them. The main issue I’m dealing with that bothers me is that my gentrofemral and spermatic cord seem to be very inflamed. Most days I feel a kind of tickling/itchiness on my left testicle and that radiates through my pelvic floor. They’ll be some pain from time to time so she when I get out the shower or bend over to tie my shoe. There is some pops and clicks still happen but I believe that it’s because of the surgery site.

      I say I’m about 30-40% better from when I first had initial surgery.

      My surgeon thinks that the cord got strangulated somewhat when he created the opening flap from where sticks out from the fascia. So far hasn’t loosened up but maybe with more therapy or some time it will. The rest of some pain in my left testicle so she wants it down or I press on it

      All choice I have is move forward and hopefully I do better. I will be talking to my surgeon about nerve blocks and possible other mediation methods to help with this in the future.

      If anybody with experience with this post operation feel free to leave your comments and advice below.

      Thank you.

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