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      There is a surgeon in my area who has been accredited as a “Master Surgeon in Hernia Surgery” by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) of Raleigh, NC. The SRC website says that “SRC is a nonprofit, patient safety organization that provides accreditations for surgical facilities and medical professionals.”

      Does anyone have knowledge about this organization, or whether this credential could be helpful in choosing a hernia doc? I don’t think that most (or any) of the well-known hernia experts (e.g., those mentioned in this forum, or those who have appeared as guests on Hernia Talk Live) hold this credential. So I don’t know if it is helpful or not.

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      Good intentions

      The surgeon who implanted the mesh in me was part of one of those, almost identical. I was impressed and thought it meant something. Really though, I think, it’s just side-money. “Non-profit” just means that all money collected is spent on operating the business. That includes salaries of the employees of the non-profit.

      It’s just a place to get a certificate that says you do things a certain way. There is nothing in the requirements about positive results though.

      It is interesting though that they apparently have an “Outcomes Database”. That’s what I would want to see. Ask to see that if you talk to the surgeon.

      All applicant surgeon must collect outcomes data on all patients who undergo hernia surgery procedures in SRC’s Outcomes Database (or a similar qualifying database).”

      The surgeon pays, provides supporting data, and gets a certificate.

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      Good intentions

      Here is another reason a surgeon might pay for the accreditation. Marketing services. Never overlook that the practice of medicine is also a business.


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      Just fyi, it is a mandate by the American Board of Surgery that all surgeons must collect outcomes data. There are a handful of approved databases. I’m not sure if the SRC database qualifies as a Board-approved database. So, the SRC is not offering any more rigorousness than what is demanded of all Board-certified surgeons.

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