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      Good intentions

      This article was just published in General Surgery News. Surprisingly direct.

      I think that you might have to sign up for an account to see it. GSN just started blocking easy access to their articles. They used to be open to anyone.

      Excerpt –

      “As a nation, we have accepted the current state of affairs, not demanding something better. Most of us have consented to receiving inferior medical care, except for the well-to-do who can afford and are willing to pay for concierge medicine, that is, a personal doctor on call. Medicine’s big business is booming—a safe and profitable investment, providing 20% of the highest CEO incomes in our country and represented by five of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies. In contrast, the average healthcare recipient—all of us who are the customers of this system—are not getting our money’s worth for the dollars we pay in taxes, for private insurance policies with additional copayments, deductibles and exemptions, and the costs for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We are being cheated. We, the recipients of healthcare, are victims of this system.”

      “Dr. Buchwald is emeritus professor of surgery and biomedical engineering, and the Owen H. and Sarah Davidson Wangensteen Chair in Experimental Surgery, at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. “

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