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      Good intentions

      I posted a couple of articles about the Marcy repair in in a different thread but thought that pulling them out to a separate thread might make them more accessible. They got kind of buried over there.

      Novel modification of Marcy operation for indirect inguinal hernia reconstituting deep inguinal ring shutter action
      K. Y. Chung, S. H. Song, D. Jung & A. Kim
      Hernia volume 27, pages181–190 (2023)

      The study period was only three months to three years. So, early days, as they say. But, interesting that somebody thinks that it has potential.

      104 cases among the 145 indirect inguinal hernia (71.7%) were operated with only deep inguinal ring (DIR) reconstruction as author modified. In 41 cases (28.3%), posterior wall reconstruction was done simultaneously. There was no recurrence or reoperation case during the follow-up period. The incidence of postoperative chronic pain at postoperative 3 months of VAS greater than 3.0 was 2.2% (3 cases).

      Here is an actual study comparing against the PHS mesh repair.

      A randomized prospective trial comparing clinical outcomes 3 years after surgery by Marcy repair and Prolene Hernia System® repair for adult indirect inguinal hernia
      Motohito Nakagawa, Takeshi Nagase, Tomotaka Akatsu, Shun Imai, Naoki Fujimura, Tatsuo Asagoe & Toshio Kanai
      Surgery Today volume 43, pages1109–1115 (2013)

      This one is small and only has a three year study period also.

      Ninety-one of 479 patients with an inguinal hernia during the study period did not meet the exclusion criteria, and 46 were allocated to Marcy repair and 45 were allocated to Prolene Hernia System® repair. No recurrence was observed in either group, and no significant differences were identified between the groups in any of the primary endpoints.

      This randomized prospective trial of I-1 and I-2 inguinal hernias suggests that Marcy repair is not inferior to PHS repair. A large-scale randomized controlled trial appears warranted to confirm whether to use mesh for Japanese adult I-1 and I-2 hernias.

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