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  • Thoughts on robot-assisted laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery, and open vs. lap

    Posted by ajm222 on January 24, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    I’m scheduled for this type of surgery in a couple weeks and curious if there are any major advantages. I imagine this is more of a question for my particular surgeon more than anything else, or possibly other surgeons that post here. But I’m just curious if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions or experiences. It certainly seems like it will be more expensive (though I think I will reach my max deductibles no matter what). The two surgeons I consulted with that mentioned it said basically they feel like it helps them do their job better, which seems like a good enough reason alone given all the potential complications. I guess it’s essentially just another tool for use in lap surgery.

    Related note, I’ve spoken with a few people that had multiple hernia surgeries and have experience with both lap and open methods. Most surprisingly said the open surgeries were easier recoveries. Conventional wisdom suggests the opposite should be true. Anyone else here have experience with both and have anything to add to that? Sounded like with the lap recoveries the issue is bloating and gas etc. that made things so uncomfortable for several days after.


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  • ajm222

    January 25, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks! Maybe you could refresh my memory on the other long term recovery issues. I don’t recall specifically. I know you’ve had complications, but I don’t remember reading about the other issues with recovery. The info about the fluid is helpful. The more stuff I can plan to deal with the better. I’m not expecting to be bouncing around a day later, and I know that even if things go great, I’ve still got to take it easy for a long while.

  • Good intentions

    January 25, 2018 at 1:55 am

    Probably depends on the time-frame of “recovery”. Open can be done using local anesthesia, so you’re wide awake through the whole procedure. Laparoscopic is always general anesthesia so you have to wait to get your senses back. So on the day of surgery, recovery is probably faster for open.

    I think that open tends to use less material also. You can only reach so far in to the hole from the outside. So the short-term recovery might also be faster. Laparoscopic uses a lot of material, covering a lot of internal area.

    On the other hand, I think that you can get back to increased exertion faster with laparoscopic because the entry holes are smaller and because there is so much mesh coverage. So if recovery means back to work, laparoscopic might be better.

    I had bilateral laparoscopic TEP surgery and was released for full activity at 22 days. I didn’t have any trapped gas that I could feel. I did have lots of fluid buildup though. The dissection peels open a large area in the abdomen which all leaks a little bit of fluid, I believe. Felt like I had a giant water balloon in my gut. Of course, you’ve probably read my other posts so you know that there’s more to it in the long-term. If you’re focused on recovery time I think that you’re making a big mistake. Those couple of weeks or months of extra time will be long-forgotten if you have a mesh reaction.

    My understanding of robotic surgery is that it basically gives the surgeon a steadier, more controlled instrument. So they can focus on fine details that they otherwise would not chance. I think that’s why it’s good for mesh removal, because they can get close to arteries and nerves and other parts that they would otherwise avoid.

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