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      I’ll try to keep this short. Two years ago I flew out from Canada to Fremont, California with my family to get surgery with Dr. Brown. I was a professional dancer with persistent groin pain after activity but I still went on hikes, to the gym and I was still working as a professional dancer. The last few projects I did before this surgery were preparing for a Japan tour with a major musical artist (8 hour rehearsals each day) and auditioning for a major role in a Netflix production that has since been released on the platform. That same week 2 years ago I declined to perform at the Grammy Awards because I thought I was finally taking some time off to fix something that had been bugging me and I figured saying no to that one big project was worth it for all the ones I’d be able to say yes to when I finally recover.

      Since having the surgery I’ve never gone back to dancing. I cannot run, I cannot lift anything, I cannot flex or activate my abdominals at all. I can’t walk properly either. I have erectile issues, ejaculative issues. I also have severe knee issues that I developed in these past 2 years after not having a single knee issue in 12 years of professional dancing because all the tissues in my groin are critically and permanently weak and unable to hold any tension or strength to support my hips and keep them aligned and so everything else is off as well.

      Here is a before & after the surgery of my body. I am flexing as hard as I can in both pictures. The one on the left was taken a few months before Dr. Brown’s surgery, the one on the right was taken this week after 2 years of rehab.

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      As a result of this surgery I have lost my career and any prospect of ever doing any kind of sport or activity at a competitive level. I lost thousands of hours of training, of muscle conditioning. All over an identified area of pain in my groin that was smaller than a thumbprint.

      The most activity I can do nowadays is go for a 30 minutes walk twice a week – and I suffer for days after. Every single step is disgustingly uncomfortable and off. Imagine this for a second. I went from auditioning for Janet Jackson, Madonna, Netflix, The Grammy Awards, 8 hour rehearsal days, non-stop training. And now my biggest dream is to be able to go for a walk for more than 30 minutes with my mom one day.

      This is the direct result of a procedure that is not only dangerous, but that just doesn’t make sense. Never in a million years did I think a Doctor could carve out flaps – pieces out a continuous piece of uninjured fascia under tension – effectively releasing the entire abdominal wall as well as the groin – because he thinks he can make it ”stronger” by creating flaps that he overlaps. Nothing is stronger than tissues that are whole – unaltered.

      The whole reason I went to get surgery was to stop and repair the damage before the tear got too big and I would suffer tension loss….and instead of a repair I have a maniac with a scalpel that tore through my groin in its entirety – through parts that were not injured. I also never expected Dr. Brown to fix everything but I sure as hell did not expect him to completely destroy my groin and entire abdominal wall and by extension my entire body.

      In the past year I’ve also discovered that I am not alone. There are several other patients Dr. Brown that ended up like me over the same procedure. Two of them are sadly not with us anymore from what I hear. Another one is a lady jogger that made an entire blog dedicated to how Dr. Brown ruined her. Several others suffer in silence because they have an irrational fear that they will get sued if they speak out.

      I’m posting this for awareness. Two years ago I was on top of the world, I had reached my wildest dreams after a decade of working on it. I was at the peak of my craft. And it all got destroyed by a man who promotes a dangerous procedure that holds no ground. That makes absolutely no sense from a biomechanical point of view. The procedure ignores everything we know of the forces in the groin and core and releases the structure in its entirety – permanently.

      Knowing that no matter what I do I will never regain the function lost is something I struggle with every single day – imagine doing bicep curls on end but your bicep is unable to retain any of the conditioning – tension – strength that you are trying to work on. It just stays there, weak – unable to function properly affecting everything you try to do with that arm.

      I keep asking myself how a man can repeatedly do this to patients – with the exact same outcome – and continue doing it going as far as advertising it as being a safe procedure for children is beyond me. Most people feel guilt when they mess up at work once let alone permanently harm patients repeatedly.

      I wanted to post this for awareness and to get it off my chest for the 19th time. While the world kept turning I’ve been stuck in the same place for the last 2 years, suffering mostly in silence, unable to function. I feel awful. Everything I loved was taken away from me and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ask a doctor for help again. Stay safe out there ya’ll.

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