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      Hello all,
      Please I need some information because I am puzzled. I will try to make long story short.
      I had more than 2 years ago pure tissue repair. Before repair I had strong pain. After repair the pain persist and somehow changed and worsened and is located inside of the area of scar and below in leg.
      Year and 2 months ago I had open revision surgery and triple neurectomy is performed, and mesh is put because there was some weakness. After that I have pretty much the same pain as before neurectomy, BUT I am NOT more numb, feel on touch is the same, on thighs too, and my cremaster reflex is still working.
      My question is
      Is is necessary that if triple neurectomy is performed cremaster reflex is loss? I am puzzled because I didn’t feel any more numbnes and nothing has changed since triple neurectomy.

      Please @drtowfigh or anyone who can tell me about my question I will be thankful.Best wishes to all

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      William Bryant

      Hello Stefan

      I could be wrong but I think the nerves are not muscles so it could be the cremaster wasn’t part of the most recent operation you had. It sounds like it was nerves to me. So the cremaster may still as it was.

      However I’m not an expert or that knowledgeable but there are plenty of those on here who are and will answer you more precisely soon I expect.

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