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  • Update on Dr. Brown surgery and the dangers of tissue repairs

    Posted by PeterC on June 1, 2022 at 7:43 am

    Hey ya’ll. So I’ve posted here many times about how bad I’ve been since getting surgery with Dr. Brown 2 years ago. The surgery completely released my entire core and groin ( I can’t flex it or condition it at all) and among other things I lost my career as a direct result of it and pretty much my entire life. In 28 months post-operation I have no recovered the slightest amount of strength/tension/normal core or groin function. My core is very visibly altered just by looking at me as well. I still cannot run or workout or lift anything. A doctor recently called me ”functionally disabled” when it comes to doing anything athletic.

    I think I finally understand the mechanics of why it released my entire core and highlights why open surgery is so incredibly dangerous.

    The surgery itself is not very complex (It took about 1 hour 45 minutes from start to finish for a bilateral open operation) so you would think it cannot possibly be that bad – how much damage can a person inflict to a structure in that much time?. The answer is – A LOT. What he did to me and what the surgery does in terms of permanently releasing structures under tension that are not meant to be released is the equivalent of someone cutting your Achilles’s tendon. The difference is – the achille’s tendon has a single point of attachment and can be reattached and the leg can be rehabbed.

    The external oblique aponeurosis however has multiple borders under tension and holds tension throughout your entire core.

    When Dr. Brown operated on me – he made an incision at the edge of the external inguinal ring and started cutting upwards all the way to the level of the internal ring – cutting into healthy undamaged tissues despite me asking him to please not cut or release any uninjured tissues. He further damaged this by cutting laterally to create leafs (flaps) out of the structure (see image for a very approximate visual – the red dots represent grossly where he cut and released and the black dots just emphasizes the leaf that was created from this. The orange circle is where I had indicated the pain I had which is nowhere near where he cut me open in fact he went in the opposite direction.

    The big thing here is – not only did he cut out flaps out of a solid structure under tension – he didn’t close the structure back together when he was done inspecting my inguinal floor. He let those parts cut out and suture them on top of each other.

    You simply cannot do this. Mechanically and structurally this is absolutely horrible. It releases the entire structure under tension. Think of any elastic or anything stretched from 3 different points under tension and suddenly someone cuts/releases the tension at one of the points. The structure is still attached at the other 2 points but the tension is lost and it sags.

    When Dr. Brown did this he automatically released tension throughout my entire core as the external oblique aponeurosis holds tension from the inguinal ligament, attaches into the linea alba and goes all the way up to the ribs.

    This is why I am now unable to flex my external oblique nor my rectus because this big sheet of connective tissue is completely released and loose and no longer under tension/whole. My inguinal ligament is just sagging (you can visually see this on me its no longer a structure under tension that can generate any force or support my groin at all) and therefore not supporting my groin or hip at all, my linea alba is loose and hurts at the upper insertion. I also cannot flex my rectus at all for the same reasons.

    You really have to be grossly incompetent – or understand nothing about the human body and the muscles to do something this critically bad. When I first met Dr. Brown and agreed to surgery with him I made sure to ask if anything he would do was going to release my core, damage my core, inhibit my muscles, change the way they look, prevent me from doing sports or working out etc. My career depended on it. He said no to all of these questions. He falsely claimed to work with athletes for over 30 years and boasted about working with professional sports leagues. I genuinely think none of this was true. By design this surgery is a monstrosity of epic proportions and you cannot function after someone altering your tissues by this much let alone play any professional sports.

    Which brings the question as to whether this was just absolutely outrageous gross incompetence from a doctor who had ZERO understanding of the core muscles and how they function or if it was malicious. A simple phone call to any physiotherapist or anyone who specializes in body movement would have told him that he cannot do something like this without hurting his patients. Just looking at the picture I posted you see the direction of the fibers you see that its a structure under tension connecting different parts of the core – its not something that can be just released/cut into liberally and not sutured back together.

    Either way there is no recovering from this. From a practical point of view this really is the equivalent of someone slicing my achille’s tendon and not reattaching it whole and then expecting me to rehab or walk again except he butchered it to create his flaps for no reason except its not a single muscle issue like the achille’s tendon its my entire external oblique, my inguinal ligament, my rectus.

    My only option or hope to find a semblance of normal life is to find someone that would be able to go in – undo these idiotic flaps/cut out parts and restore the structure to being whole but even then the initial damage has been done the structure will never be able to hold the same tension as it did before he sliced into it.

    And thats what I’ve been trying to do – this is where I’m at in my journey. Finding a doctor who understands more than just their 1 procedure and understands the anatomy enough to reconstruct what Dr. Brown destroyed. And its proving impossible unfortunately. I feel completely defeated and alone as I have for the past 2 years.

    The worst part is – Dr. Brown assured me in front of my family that he would not use permanent sutures (he said this in person in front of me and my parents) and that he would not do anything so altering or damaging that it would prevent another doctor from helping me should I need further surgery down the road. Being the great doctor he is we found out that he used silk (permanent) sutures everywhere. So this adds another layer of problems when it comes to undoing what he did and reconstructing my aponeurosis. He also sliced open my completely uninjured inguinal floor on my left side from the conjoint tendon all the way to the inferior epigastric vesells – confirmed to me by another doctor – because for some reason he thought it would be stronger to destroy my inguinal floor and reconstruct it than to just leave it healthy and thriving.

    I genuinely think open surgery and surgery in general is not safe in its current state. People think they have a lawsuit to back them up but honestly think about it. Even if I were to sue Dr. Brown – I will not get my career back. I will not get my muscular function back nor the last 2 years of sleepless nights he caused. I get teared up thinking about the fact that I might never be able to workout or run or be athletic again. Once the damage is done the damage is done and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. I think until there is some kind of general guidelines or consensus between doctors about what you can or can’t do people should really refrain from getting surgery.

    I also believe that if you must get a surgery – it should be a hybrid mesh surgery via robotic surgery. I think its the safest option in the current state of things.

    Anyways I’m just posting this to get my thoughts out there – maybe someone else is going through something similar and this will help them clarify and understand what happened to them or idk.

    Either way good luck and stay safe everyone.

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