Which method of diagnostics is best for hernia MRI or Ultrasound?

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      Could anyone advice which method works better/ is more accurate for discovering hernias?

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      AFAIK, ultrasound is generally fine for detecting regular hernias and is the common first option…but MRI has been shown to be superior for detecting hidden/occult hernias.

      I think the usual order of imaging would be ultrasound, then CT if ultrasound is inconclusive, then MRI…in part because of cost, speed, and technical expertise to perform and interpret.

      Dr. Towfigh has published research in this domain:


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      William Bryant

      Think that’s about right Mark going on NHS diagnostic imaging (my experience of, as mentioned in other thread).

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      William Bryant

      Pinto would probably know, he is very persuasive over the need to get best imaging possible before op I believe. I think he’s right it’s just that I’m UK I would have to fund it myself as NHS for hernias usually just do ultrasound.

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