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      Just got back from ER. Currently dealing with burning sensation on right testicle. Thought perhaps it was a urinary infection but turns out from ultrasound done “Questionable right Inguinal hernia” This is insane… Not a Yes or a No but questionable. @good-intentions Looks like revision is definitely what makes sense.

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      William Bryant

      Ultrasound according to many is only as good as the person ‘reading’ it… It may be an idea to have a consultation with a hernia doctor/surgeon.

      Or perhaps request further investigation if it’s NHS.

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      Good intentions

      The right side is apparently the weaker side for most men. The right side usually herniates before the left.

      It would be interesting to know the difference between what Dr. Billing did and what Dr. Parra did. Just like hernia repair, mesh removal has its own methods.

      Here is your other post where you describe going to Dr. Parra. I’m not implying that Dr. Parra caused a problem, just noting that you had two different surgeons. Did Dr. Parra use robotic methods? Doesn’t really matter, just curious.

      Good luck. At least you still have a path to follow and the means to do it.

      Dr. Twofigh – Chronic Pain

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        update, both hernia’s recurrence has occurred and confirmed by CT and physical examination. Dr.billings office is doing their stuff to get things ready.

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