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      Being evaluated for post-surgery hernia chronic pain, and my surgeon wants a CT scan of the pelvis without contrast.

      This would be my third one of the pelvis.

      Had one done about eight years ago, then one done last year, and this would be the 3rd.

      The doctor wants to see the permanent tacks used to affix the mesh, and am told that an MRI is not useful for the tacks imaging.

      I am told that they are “safe“.

      Is there any literature or thoughts on how many CT scans of the same area are too many?

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      Good intentions

      Pain from fixation methods is almost an outdated concept. Be careful that your surgeon is not on an old outdated “mesh pain solution” path.

      Dr. Towfigh mentioned the specific method for determining tack pain. Dr. Brown has also. If it’s not the tacks, but you have another operation, there will be more scarring and foreign body response. There is probably a significant downside to tack removal, if it’s not the true cause.

      Sorry, just offering a counterpoint. My surgeon went through the routine of ordering an MRI, sending me to a urologist, offering pills, then giving up.

      Here’s your other post, for reference. Good luck.

      Tack removal

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      I looked into this very thoroughly when I got my first ct scan and ultimately the fewer the better obviously. Abdominal ct scans give you a pretty high dose of radiation in particular compared to others. But it’s one of those things that’s really hard to just say X number is too many. Lots of variables, lots of assumptions, lots of math, and ultimately impossible to say for sure if it’s going to cause problems 20 years down the road. Not a great answer, but again the fewer the better. My doctor friend says to avoid whenever possible. They can’t use the ones you already have?

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      Thanks for the insights.

      They say the one I got right after my surgery, which is a little over a year old, is not helpful, and they prefer a newer image now that I’ve healed. I pushed back because I am nervous about the exposure. Especially because we have a prostate cancer risk running in our family.

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      I think you’ll be fine. The risk is more theoretical. If you can avoid them, do so. But if they think it will help it’s probably fine. I also have prostate cancer history with my dad.

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      I believe the literature shows the recommendation to be u see 25 CT scans before there is a risk of radiation-induced malignancy.

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      Thanks, Dr. T.

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