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      Good intentions

      I don’t really have any comments about this. Her practice has shifted shapes many times over they years. It looks like she has made it even easier to use her methods, right at the airport. Fly in, fly out.


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      It would be interesting to know how much it costs (I mean a standard surgery) and whether she is always leading the surgery or (more likely) her team takes over most of the time….

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      Surely many members here would like to know more about her new method of diagnosis and treatment.

      Specifically the “Intraoperative Nerve Response” (IONR) procedure to identify and localize the cause of pain, and this enables us to eliminate pain in almost all cases.” Can any of the Drs. here comment on this or know what it involves?

      Wondering if this is something that can be used before any surgery.

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      I’m not a doctor but I got IONR as a patient from Dr. Conze, who is/was a close colleague of Dr. Muschaweck.
      It got rid of the pain for about 1 to 1.5 years but the problem is that nerves regrow, which can lead to recurring pain.

      It’s still better than before when the mesh was fused to the nerve but it’s not a permanent fix.

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      Good intentions
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      It may have changed, but my understanding is that costs are somewhere in the region of £6,500 or so for a single primary hernia repair including consultations with Dr Muschaweck.

      I also understand that Dr Conze locates and isolates the nerves during a primary surgery so as not to damage them, but I don’t know how this is done. He also does not cut the cremaster muscle, as per the original Shouldice technique and like Dr Muschaweck, has his own adapted Shouldice method.

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      William Bryant

      What does the cremaster nerve do? Also is it standard shouldice practice to sever nerves.

      Does the Shouldice Hospital and or Dr Kang cut nerves in their repairs?

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      As lasted from Wikipedia, ‘the cremaster muscle is a thin layer of striated muscle found in the inguinal canal and scrotum between the external and internal layers of spermatic fascia, surrounding the testis and spermatic cord. The cremaster muscle is a paired structure, there being one on each side of the body.’

      It’s basically the muscle which causes testicles to retract, so without it, testicles would be swinging around your legs all the time and wouldn’t have their heated regulated for better sperm production etc.

      My understanding is that the Shouldice Hospital do cut some of the nerves and the cremaster muscle, which I think they reposition, but Dr Kang doesn’t. A quick google will get you the minutiae.

      From my research, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ seems to be the best approach to hernia repairs, so personally, I’d prefer a surgeon who leaves the nerves and cremaster muscle alone.

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