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      David M

      Chuck just posted about his visit to see Dr Grishkan and I responded. By the time I tried to send my post, his post had been pulled. I understand why, however I actually believe it was a valid post and responded to it, mostly as such. It did contain a lot of information, which, I understand might have been doubted. Anyway… was my response (which I had saved because of the timeout feature).


      Lots of interesting stuff here. I believe you really talked to Grishkan, as you had indicated you would in a post that was pulled. There is a lot to ponder here, though. Somewhat ironically, just this morning I got thinking about the 2 layer Shouldice, something that Grishkan was supposedly known for, and found a description of his version in the archives. It seemed backwards, as it did not involve the double breasting of the transversalis fascia, which is supposed to be the major part of the shouldice. Here he sounds more traditional.

      I’m surprised that:
      1) He did not know of Kang
      2) believes that mesh repairs have a higher recurrence rate
      3)Says stainless steel sutures will break. That doesnt seem impossible,but I havent heard that.

      His premise on Desarda is logical, but is it actually supported that it has a high fail rate, or is he just projecting based on its India origins.

      The polybuterate sutures point is worthy of attention.

      Did you ask him without any prompts about specific surgeons which surgeon he would go to with him picking Lorenz and Koch out of the blue, or did you just ask from a narrowed pool who he would pick?

      Thanks you for sharing this post. (Hopefully, it can be trusted?)

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      William Bryant

      Yes it would be good to know if Drs Lorenz and Koch were recommended with no prior prompting.

      Can’t understand why Dr. Conze is said to be mainly academic when he was trained by Dr. Muschawek.

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      Dr. Conze is most definitely not mainly academic, he’s on the front line doing hernia tissue repair and does around 500 a year.

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