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      Hi, so I have a quite large right sided inguinal hernia. It is not easily reducible. Is it recommended to wear a support on a hernia that is not easily reducible?
      Also, I am based in Ireland and my local general hospital has put me on a waiting list for surgery. However they do not seem very optimistic regarding the risks of the procedure. Would it be better for me to consider traveling to a specialist centre. Perhaps in the UK or Germany. I am 34 years old and otherwise fit. Thanks.

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      Good intentions

      Generally, for hernia repair, seeing a hernia specialist is recommended. Hernia repair is not simple surgery, although many doctors make it sound easy. You don’t want to get the wrong surgeon for hernia repair. The results are permanent.

      There is a Topic on the forum about hernia repair in Germany. It might be worth reading.

      Can we mention the Germans?

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      William Bryant

      If they’re pessimistic about the results I personally would look elsewhere. I suppose it could be says at least they’re pointing out pitfalls. However I’m surprised they’re like that with a not easy to reduce hernia.

      What were they pessimistic about specifically by the way?

      You can, or could, have a no fee, no obligation consultation with the German surgeons at biohernia. You could try giving that a go.

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      ABSOLUTELY go to a hernia specialist, if possible.

      Regardless of the repair method, it is better to have a hernia specialist handle the repair, rather than a general surgeon…and that is particularly true for less ‘ordinary’ or higher risk cases.

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