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      William Bryant

      Can anyone tell me please, which vaccinations are recommended travelling from UK to south Korea. Also any idea of costs?

      Many thanks!

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      I travelled many times in Asia and besides Hep A & B, no vaccinations are needed.

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      Be sure to get solid travel/health insurance too, where the purpose of your travel is approved up front by the insurer (to avoid a claim possibly being denied after the fact).

      The chance of serious complication might be very low…but getting stuck in a foreign country, with no insurance, and requiring an extended hospital stay and/or additional medical services…definitely don’t want to deal with that!

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      Hi William,
      When are you planning to go? You will definitely need good health travel insurance. They are not to expensive .I am planning to go to Dr Kang hopefully in July latest in August . I don’t think you need any specific vaccinations for South Korea . I was looking into it but didn’t find anything on it. Maybe Mike M might help you as hew was just there.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Monika, Mark and Wlm…
      I’m thinking of going late 2022 or early 2023.

      I’m asking as the NHS website mentions hepatitis A and Hepatitis B but also…


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      What kind of insurance will cover complications of the surgery? There is travel insurance but will it cover such an event?

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      William Bryant

      I filled in an insurance travel quote online and it gave options of 3 different cover types, including medical and repatriation cover.

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        You still need to check on that before travelling.

        Quite often, standard travel and emergency medical insurance is meant cover unforeseen situations and emergencies…but you have a pre-existing condition (the hernia), are seeking elective (non-emergency) surgery. That represents an entirely different risk to the insurer vs. someone just going on a normal vacation. You want to be sure that the nature of your trip does not void coverage and that you are covered for post-op complication or a botched surgery.

        Remember, these ‘point and click’ policies are not fully underwritten up front…only when a claim is filed does the insurer really take a close look…and they will typically do whatever is reasonably possible to avoid paying out.

        It is also worth finding out how quickly they do pay out…i.e., do you need to cover expenses yourself and will be reimbursed later when (if) they approve your claim?

        Again, the risk of complications might be very low and everything probably goes just fine…but it could be an extremely costly and stressful situation to be overseas, dealing with post-op complications, and then find out you have to cover costs yourself for a while or that your costs are not being covered at all. Best to be prepared!

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      As Wim said, hep A and B are good to get and the sooner the better, as B can be 2-3 doses spaced apart. Can’t remember re A.

      If you haven’t had a BCG jab (TB), then that’s advisable also, along with being up to date with covid and flu jabs.

      Check with your GP to make sure you’re up to date with MMR and tetanus and also for costs as some jabs may be free on the NHS, such as hep A, dependent on the GP practice.

      I’d ring around travel clinics as well to compare prices as they do vary.

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      Mike M

      The only requirement for entry when I entered from US was the COVID Vaccine (Booster if two shots were over 180 days ago).

      Obviously it is still good to keep up on all the other standard ones when they are due.

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      Hi guys,
      I am residing in S.Korea and helping international patients coming to the country.
      New gov’t policy has been announced regarding quarantine.
      From June 8th no self-isolate quarantine is required,
      and neither any vaccinations, which means you can enter S.Korea whether you are vaccinated or not. Good news!
      But PCR tests are still needed.
      Just read the following:

      COVID-19 Information

      Thank you guys.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Stephen…
      What about injections for travel. Any that you’d recommend!?

      Also, I am a fussy eater, my partner will eat anything, but is English/American food available easily? I will try South Korean.


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        No injections are required or recommended.
        Surely Korea is the food kingdom, you can enjoy different kinds.
        Watch the following:


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      In addition to travel insurance I believe what you will need is referred to as Medical Tourism Insurance. It covers complications arising from the planned medical treatment.


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      William Bryant

      Thanks Johnson. That’s a must then

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