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      Hi everyone,

      It is time to update to better meet your needs. The goals would be to:
      – reduce spam/spam attacks
      – improve communication fluidity
      – improve smart phone utilization

      Please provide me with all the bells and whistles you would like to see as we are redesigning this site.
      – How would you like to improve
      – What extra pages/utilities would you like to see?
      – Would you want to have access to the HerniaTalk LIVE episodes?
      – Is searching easy?
      – Do you wish to have a searchable international list of surgeons, physical therapists, pain specialists, etc., who can meet your needs? What information do you want to know on that list? How can we vet that the list is limited to only those with special interest in hernias and qualified to meet your needs?
      – Would it be helpful to have a list of patients who are willing to be reached directly for guidance?

      Send me your ideas and recommendations!

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      William Bryant

      Definitely yes to these 2…

      – international list of surgeons, physical therapists, pain specialists, etc., who can meet your needs? What information do you want to know on that list?
      Certainly Type of surgery then maybe anaestethic/experience/sutures etc

      – Would it be helpful to have a list of patients who are willing to be reached for guidance… Yes!

      Also an edit facility. Unless there is one and I’ve missed it.


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      Got it.

      You should be able to edit your posts.

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      William Bryant

      Is there? I’ve never found an edit button!

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      Hello, please find below some suggestions that you could consider implementing to meet your goals if they are not too technically demanding:

      1) Tags system where the user sets the tags for a new thread and the ability to use tags while searching the forum.

      2) Better handling of posts attachments, including multimedia, I know this would weight a lot due to the additional storage requirements but it could be useful for patients to be able to post pictures and videos and the additional storage requirement could be contained by setting a size limit for attachments..

      3) Usefulness score associated to each message and most useful messages displayed first while searching..

      4) Two factor authentication before an account is enabled to post messages, this should reduce the number of spam messages.

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      Good intentions

      You might review the contributing surgeons page. It seems dated.

      Many forums have a separate section for people to upload articles to. This might be a useful way to collect links to articles or actual pdf files, rather than trying to find old posts with the links.

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      William Bryant

      Ive not seen a contributing surgeons page nor the Edit facility still. Can they be accessed using phone?

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      Thanks for your suggestions. All great. Keep them coming.

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      David M

      I read this on a tablet and the hernia talk banner floats in the middle of the page and is super annoying. I have no idea how to dock it anywhere, if that is even possible, and it’s much too big anyway. My suggestion would be to remove it since everyone can easily tell which site they are on.

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      got it.
      thank you!

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      David M

      Down at the bottom where it list the page numbers would it be possible to put in a jump-to slot. If I’m reading through the pages and I make it to page 20 and close the browser, it be nice to come back the next day and jump to page 21. As it is, I think we have to go through the intermediate pages again. As far as I can tell.

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      Good intentions

      That is a good suggestion David. I had the same problem then realized that I could put the page number in the web address box at the top of the page. Might be hard to do on a phone but pretty easy on a computer.

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      Good intentions

      Another suggestion – extend the time for editing beyond just a few seconds. The size of the box for writing a post is so small that you can’t actually see the whole post until you post it. Then you have about 10 seconds to proof it and fix any errors before you’re locked out.

      2nd suggestion – make the box for creating a post bigger. Much bigger.

      3rd- the header at the top of the page is way too big and does not scroll up and away like a normal forum header. Once a Topic is opened the header serves no purpose.

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      Only Kurt


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      Only Kurt

      Buggy page. Doesn’t load properly. Does not search for duplicate user names and you have to go back and redo the information. Most pages will tell you as soon as you enter a name if it’s taken, not this one. Had to reload several times to get any information, falsely telling me it was empty. Had to resize the page down to microscope type to get it all on a laptop screen. Hard to navigate.

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      Only Kurt

      And now it goes back to the reply box without showing the poat I was replying to. Maybe needed a new webmaster?

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      Thanks, @OnlyKurt. Will add that to our next version.

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      Amelia Aria

      Sorry for so many ideas and recommendations 🙁

      An easier and more user-friendly interface for navigating the site, including clear and concise categories for different types of hernias and related information.

      A more robust and effective spam/attack prevention system to keep the site safe and secure for users.

      Improved mobile optimization for better access and use on smartphones and tablets.

      The ability to search for and access past HerniaTalk LIVE episodes.

      A searchable and regularly updated directory of qualified and experienced hernia surgeons, physical therapists, and pain specialists, with information on their qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise.

      A user-generated ratings and reviews system for the directory of surgeons and specialists, to help other users make informed decisions.

      A list of patients who have had hernia surgery and are willing to share their experiences and provide guidance to others.

      A forum or message board for users to share information and ask questions.

      Option to download or access some of the information in PDF format.

      Improved searching functionality and an option to filter by location.

      A way for patients to be able to book appointments with the listed surgeons or specialists directly through the website.

      Option to have a multilingual version of the website.

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