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      Now I’ve had my surgery with local anesthesia and conscious sedation I’m going to post the thread I wanted to read going into it. Right inguinal hernia, open repair with LA and Midazolam for sedation. Before the OP I discussed the sedation with the surgeon who said the goal is to put you in a state where you can sleep if you want to. From what I read online usually people fall asleep or likely not remember the surgery/remember only fragments. My experience as someone with a LOT of health anxiety going into it was that I was “calm” on the surface but terrified lying down in the operating theatre. I chatted with the staff and they injected the Midazolam before administering the LA. The sensation of the drug was not overwhelming or mind altering at all for me. It did not make me feel tired at all and I did not stop talking at all during the operation but as soon as it hit me, the fear disappeared and it literally just felt like a bit of happiness was going into that IV line. So I asked for it again (for fun) then again but on the 3rd time they said something of the sort that any more came with strings and before they finished I stopped and said don’t worry about it, I don’t know if that was breathing tube territory but I didn’t feel tired or slow at all, just happy, chatty and no fear. The procedure involved some pain at time but it was only short lasting and tolerable followed by fentanyl being injected to immediately stop the pain. For me personally I had two shots of Fentanyl and it removed the pain and came with no other side effects I could sense. Overall the operation was comfortable and if I was having hernia repair again I’d definitely want it done the same way. I could not find for the life of me anyone else post of their experience of this so I hope this helps anyone considering this path. To stress how bad my health anxiety is and that this sedation was effective, before being send home from the recovery room. My heart rate was about 120 laying down resting just from the stress of the day and the fact that a nurse approaching and reading the HR monitor will increase it further. My normal resting HR is under 80.
      Edit: As it might not be clear the sedation I received did not impact my memory of the operation at all I recall the entire procedure as if I had no sedation but I never had a problem with this and it wasn’t actually unpleasant either. I believe I react this way to the sedation because of my high anxiety levels even though I didn’t feel anxious during the procedure.

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      this is very interesting and helpful. thanks for sharing. if i could go back in time, i would have done an open tissue repair for my hernia under these circumstances.

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